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Martina GockeDr. rer. nat.

Martina Gocke


At Agrarökosystemforschung until 04/2014
e-Mail: martina.gocke(at)uni-bayreuth.de

  • Interactions in the system plant – soil – sediment (recent and paleoecosystems)
  • Formation processes and recrystallization rates of pedogenic carbonates
  • Pedogenesis under arid to semihumid climates
  • Rhizoliths (calcified roots) as archives of paleovegetation and input of root-derived compounds
  • Rhizosphere processes
  • Reconstruction of paleovegetation and paleoecological conditions based on stable carbon isotopes of organic matter and carbonates as well as lipid molecular proxies
  • Middle and Southeast European loess
  • Lipid composition of higher plants and turnover of plant-derived lipids in soils
  • Quantification of root-derived compounds in soils and sediments
  • Distinction between root- and shoot-derived, as well as between grass- and tree-derived organic compounds
  • Terrestrial silicon cycle and silicon uptake by plants
  • Late Silurian paleoclimate of temperate latitudes (Prague Basin)



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